Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Storm 2016

Snow Storm 2016

I have to laugh today as everyone on Facebook and other social media is in a panic over snow here in NC. I have friends from all over the US and other countries messaging me to ask just how much snow we actually have. Cracks me up. I worked for years in healthcare and we had to work no matter the weather. It has only snowed a couple of inches but it is still snowing and sleeting.

Please keep all the people that have to work tonight in your prayers. So many out salting the roads, police, EMS, fire dept, etc. Our truck drivers who have loads to deliver their loads as well as our healthcare workers who are there to help us and care for anyone in the hospital.

I am blessed to be able to work from home every day and on days like this I am especially thankful. I have worked in my office today and fixed potato soup for dinner. Love that I am able to do calls with customers and team members while cooking.

Life is what you make it. I have listened to motivation videos today and read. What did you do today to better yourself? Try to find something each and every day to be grateful for.

People often ask me how I remain so happy after some of the things I have been through. I have a deep faith which also helps me to remain rooted. I lost my dad who was my best friend in early January 2012. During his short battle with lung cancer and even during his funeral my faith never grew weak. I am a fan of the Perry's and I was reminded today of their faith as a memory came back up on my Facebook memories. 2 years ago they did not know if Tracy would survive. They got a miracle. Not only did he survive but he is traveling with them today and singing. My whole point to this is simply for you to choose if you run the day and your life or if it runs you.

Be blessed, be positive, be grateful.


  1. I'm so glad you were safe! This is some crazy weather this year. I love your positive mindset. You're always inspiring me. :)

  2. Well in this type of condition one can't say that will it be for good or bad. I love to watch snowfall but if it exceeds a limit it becomes a headache and can cause much trouble.