Monday, January 11, 2016

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts 

In life we meet all kinds of people. Most of us have a wide spectrum of different personalities that make up our social circle. As we get older we start realizing our circle gets smaller and smaller.

I was always a kid in elementary school who pretty much did my own thing. I was never a follower, not my thing. I still get picked on to this day about swallowing a quarter in the lunch line and scaring poor Mrs Boger half to death. Okay so I get bored easily. Some things never change lol. My whole elementary school experience was pretty much that way. Lots of friends, lots of sleep overs their home or ours. Just a great childhood.

Enter high school. So who cares where you are from or what your parents do. I sure didn't. I was friends with the popular peeps like the football players, the dancing boots and cheerleaders, on down to the carpentry class and auto mechanics peeps. It did not matter where you were from or how rich or poor you were. I have never judged and never will.

Then you graduate, go to college, or perhaps start a job and its a whole new world. There are people who will use you, walk all over you, try to make you look bad at your job so they can look good. You tget my drift. My point is it never changes. It is sort of like growing old. We were wearing diapers when we were born, and a lot of people go out of this world having to wear adult diapers or depends. Sorry I worked 30 years in the medical world.

My point to all of this is: BE YOURSELF!! Everyone else is already taken. Who cares what Jane or Tom are wearing or driving. I sure don't. I could care less if you live in a tent, a camper, a cabin, or a mansion. What impresses me is the way you treat everyone. If you are the same each and every single time I see you, odds are I will like you. If you do a kind dead and do it silently, you are my kind of person. God sees what you do whether it is good or bad. You can fool a lot of people but not Him.

So you go into business for yourself, You are an entrepreneur. You better buckle up because that is a story for a whole different post. I have owned my own business since 1997 and it has been an interesting ride. See ya soon.


  1. Good suggestion for all of people who cares about other and stop believing of themselves that whatever they are they are perfect. Thanks for sharing such motivational blog with us.

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