Sunday, January 24, 2016

Goals ~Do You Have Any?

Goals ~ think about that word. Everyone hopefully has goals. If you don't, you are likely just stumbling through life. Goals without a date are just dreams.

Someone who has cancer is likely struggling to get through another day.  I would bet they have a better attitude than a lot of people. They are positive and make every minute count.

Do you plan out your days? Do you have a "to-do" list or planner? How far out are you booked? Successful people plan a year out.

My point is, do you actually make a plan and work your plan? Are you working towards your goals and growing or do you just talk a good game and have people fooled? Some people are so busy posting on Facebook and in groups trying to impress people that they have no time left to work towards their goals.

When your goals are not met, who or what do you blame? It was a holiday. I had family issues. I was sick. She or he doesn't like me. My team isn't working. There is a new excuse for each new day. Look in the mirror!! Only you can fix your lack of growth.

Watch motivational videos or read self help books. Find a mentor and this person needs to challenge you and hold you accountable. If your business isn't growing, that's on you. Remember we ALL reap what we sow. Go out and plant good seeds and you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest.

Focus. Keep planting. Keep grinding. Fix a vision boards with real goals and dates. You can do this!!!!

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  1. I love this!! :) Oh my gosh, I'm a planner fanatic. I have 3-4 planners that I'm using right now for all different areas of my life. They definitely help me with my goals. This grown-up life is hard. You have to answer all these tough questions and face the realization that the reason we aren't where we want to be is because we aren't helping ourselves and doing the work we need as consistently as we should. You preach it, woman!

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