Friday, January 29, 2016

Business Networking 

I was invited to attend a networking event last night and had a blast. I am a people person and love meeting new people and getting to know them. I met so many amazing people last night and spoke with them. I love hearing about their businesses and seeing their passion. 

It is always great when you meet like minded people. Everyone kept asking me if I was always this happy, even before Thrive. I chuckled and said yes. Actually all of my friends were concerned as I have always been called Speedy and you rarely see me not smiling or laughing. Needless to say a business associate and I had a great time mingling with other business people last night. 

I talked with a beautiful young lady who was a breast cancer survivor and she was beautiful from head to toe. I loved her personality and her. She will be in my prayers. 

I spoke with an amazing young man who is a model. We had a great conversation. 

Another beautiful lady showed me how to tie a scarf in a new way. I had commented on her scarf and how different it was. I loved it. 

The funniest and best part of the night was when we met this gorgeous young lady with a personality as big if not bigger than mine. She had tried our products and loved them. She was knowledgeable about them and she came back by the table and would tell other people her experience. You have to love it. She was amazing and will be celebrating her 35 birthday in March.
It is amazing how God will send you the opportunities you need, if you will just follow Him and listen. I am a firm believer in the verse "you reap what you sow." I will continue to sow good seeds because I sure do love the way the Lord continues to bless me, even in the midst of life's storms. 

Keep the faith my friends, and be blessed, humble, and grateful. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not. --Oprah Winfrey

Have you ever sat and wondered how some people sleep at night or live with themselves? You watch the way some people treat others and you are glad you are not in their shoes for the moment karma shows up.

Integrity is always doing the right thing whether anyone is watching or not. It's about being honest and kind. How do you treat people? Would you want to be on the receiving end? Do you have an ulterior motive for the things you do?

I have worked in the corporate world and in gospel radio, as well as been an entrepreneur since 1997, and I find it much more rewarding to work silently. I will not compromise my morals or integrity for anyone. When you have the "look at me" mentality, no one cares or takes you serious.

Pay it forward today and every day. Do the right thing. Be grateful. Be humble. Be blessed.

Goals ~Do You Have Any?

Goals ~ think about that word. Everyone hopefully has goals. If you don't, you are likely just stumbling through life. Goals without a date are just dreams.

Someone who has cancer is likely struggling to get through another day.  I would bet they have a better attitude than a lot of people. They are positive and make every minute count.

Do you plan out your days? Do you have a "to-do" list or planner? How far out are you booked? Successful people plan a year out.

My point is, do you actually make a plan and work your plan? Are you working towards your goals and growing or do you just talk a good game and have people fooled? Some people are so busy posting on Facebook and in groups trying to impress people that they have no time left to work towards their goals.

When your goals are not met, who or what do you blame? It was a holiday. I had family issues. I was sick. She or he doesn't like me. My team isn't working. There is a new excuse for each new day. Look in the mirror!! Only you can fix your lack of growth.

Watch motivational videos or read self help books. Find a mentor and this person needs to challenge you and hold you accountable. If your business isn't growing, that's on you. Remember we ALL reap what we sow. Go out and plant good seeds and you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest.

Focus. Keep planting. Keep grinding. Fix a vision boards with real goals and dates. You can do this!!!!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Storm 2016

I have to laugh today as everyone on Facebook and other social media is in a panic over snow here in NC. I have friends from all over the US and other countries messaging me to ask just how much snow we actually have. Cracks me up. I worked for years in healthcare and we had to work no matter the weather. It has only snowed a couple of inches but it is still snowing and sleeting.

Please keep all the people that have to work tonight in your prayers. So many out salting the roads, police, EMS, fire dept, etc. Our truck drivers who have loads to deliver their loads as well as our healthcare workers who are there to help us and care for anyone in the hospital.

I am blessed to be able to work from home every day and on days like this I am especially thankful. I have worked in my office today and fixed potato soup for dinner. Love that I am able to do calls with customers and team members while cooking.

Life is what you make it. I have listened to motivation videos today and read. What did you do today to better yourself? Try to find something each and every day to be grateful for.

People often ask me how I remain so happy after some of the things I have been through. I have a deep faith which also helps me to remain rooted. I lost my dad who was my best friend in early January 2012. During his short battle with lung cancer and even during his funeral my faith never grew weak. I am a fan of the Perry's and I was reminded today of their faith as a memory came back up on my Facebook memories. 2 years ago they did not know if Tracy would survive. They got a miracle. Not only did he survive but he is traveling with them today and singing. My whole point to this is simply for you to choose if you run the day and your life or if it runs you.

Be blessed, be positive, be grateful.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Move sublingual gel

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Random Thoughts 

In life we meet all kinds of people. Most of us have a wide spectrum of different personalities that make up our social circle. As we get older we start realizing our circle gets smaller and smaller.

I was always a kid in elementary school who pretty much did my own thing. I was never a follower, not my thing. I still get picked on to this day about swallowing a quarter in the lunch line and scaring poor Mrs Boger half to death. Okay so I get bored easily. Some things never change lol. My whole elementary school experience was pretty much that way. Lots of friends, lots of sleep overs their home or ours. Just a great childhood.

Enter high school. So who cares where you are from or what your parents do. I sure didn't. I was friends with the popular peeps like the football players, the dancing boots and cheerleaders, on down to the carpentry class and auto mechanics peeps. It did not matter where you were from or how rich or poor you were. I have never judged and never will.

Then you graduate, go to college, or perhaps start a job and its a whole new world. There are people who will use you, walk all over you, try to make you look bad at your job so they can look good. You tget my drift. My point is it never changes. It is sort of like growing old. We were wearing diapers when we were born, and a lot of people go out of this world having to wear adult diapers or depends. Sorry I worked 30 years in the medical world.

My point to all of this is: BE YOURSELF!! Everyone else is already taken. Who cares what Jane or Tom are wearing or driving. I sure don't. I could care less if you live in a tent, a camper, a cabin, or a mansion. What impresses me is the way you treat everyone. If you are the same each and every single time I see you, odds are I will like you. If you do a kind dead and do it silently, you are my kind of person. God sees what you do whether it is good or bad. You can fool a lot of people but not Him.

So you go into business for yourself, You are an entrepreneur. You better buckle up because that is a story for a whole different post. I have owned my own business since 1997 and it has been an interesting ride. See ya soon.